Am I being silly about this or?

Am I being silly? After a good night with the guy I've been seeing we kissed and he left to drive the 2 hr drive home , he's hardly texted me since this morning not even a text to say " great night " etc feel a bit upset :( could've texted to say was nice seeing you !! We dont get to see each other much at all maybe once a month ! Because we live 2 hours apart... Am I being silly? he could've texted something nice?


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  • Did u text him?

    • Last text from him he sent a silly picture and I replied and his last text was " haha" so I didn't reply back to it

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    • We have been seeing each other for a year and text everyday but he did say he was tired this morning...

    • Then relax :) It's prob fine if he's tired.

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  • He could have. Don't expect other people to have the same social media routines as you do and if it is important to you, tell him.

  • Is that his pattern? Or has he changed?


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