I've met a guy I really like, advice please?

I met a guy a couple of months ago. I was mesmerised by him the first time I saw him and still have the same feelings. It has felt very different. We have twenty friends in common. He messaged me at first, we were chatting for hours on end. We have lots of things in common and values too. It was very strange for to find someone I was so attracted to but had so much in common with.
he asked me to meet him at this party we were going to with all our friends. I did and we spent all night dancing together. It was nice though a little awkward as he seemed very shy.
I didn't hear back from him after the party, he works, studies the same as me. We both have busy schedules.
Anyways I see him win the same friends every week. He is always long at me, dances near me and there is strong chemistry between the two of us. He is always watching me when I chat to my male friends to see what is happening. our mutual friends act strange when we are around each other and I got the impression that one evening they tried to get us alone together or in a smaller group.
This weekend I was at another party, I posted something on a mutual friends Facebook wall asking about the party. he hangs out with them but not all the time but when I arrived and bumped into them he was with them.
He did come with a girl (I was walking with a guy), I was upset and jealous about this. I observed them closely and it just appeared that they were friends.
We were dancing near each other again. Whenever I moved somewhere else or chatted to other friends he moved so I was always in his vision.
we were sitting and I was laughing and joking with our friends and he was trying to get in the conversation. He was trying it all night and I could see him listening intently to my conversation. I ignored him (I was hurt he had brought another girl). When I was dancing he was smiling at me and when he walked past he gave me this long squeeze on the arm.
I don't know really what to do but I want him...


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  • Stop playing games. Tell him you like him and ask him out on a date.

  • It was too long.. But as it was nice I read the whole thing..
    Message him.. Say hi hello small things.. Care for him. Simple things makes the love grow.. God has created it in a most simple way and we think that is complicated..
    Call him be confident and talk simple things.. Talk about his family friends likes and dislikes, make a few jokes and you are all done..


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