Why am I weird with relationships?

I don't know whats my problem, but just thinking about being in a relationship scares me. I have moments where I'll meet a guy and instantly have a crush on him, but when someone brings up dating them I psych myself out of it. And because of this I passed on opportunities of guys who were so sweet and awesome, but because of my fear I back out of it.

I just want to know if there's others out there who think the same way? I know I want to be married and settle down in the future, but I'm one of those who will go on a date with you if I see a potential future with you or if there's an instant vibe.. but I'm still going day by day trying to be more confident and sure of myself, so if I were to bring a guy into my life, I feel like I'm just making it more uncomfortable for myself.


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  • I am a bit like you, would you for instance tell a guy you were seeing someone else/start ignoring their messages/meeting them just to avoid a relationship?

    • YES. lol Which always ends up bothering me because I feel guilty about it. I just don't want to lead them on if I knew I don't want to get into anything serious anyways, you know?

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    • I don't know how to message you privately on here lol

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  • "love at first sight" syndrome. relationships take work. You probably have just seen/heard or all the bad in other relationships and kind of want something magnetically quick so you don't have to go through that. Doesn't happen.
    Only a few people get the luxury of being with someone they love from day one to the end.
    the rest of us... we have to do trial and error. a LOT of error. It helps because eventually when a true lasting relationship comes along, you won't botch it, you will appreciate it more.

  • most people feel the same way. Don't worry about it, just work on your confidence and you'll he fine.

  • Try some counseling.


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  • I feel the same way! When dating comes into play I start losing interest in the guy or I start to become super insecure that they don't really like me.

    • SAME HERE GIRL. lol I like the feeling of someone being into me, but the minute they try to get to know me I freeze up and put up this wall, its weird. lol

    • I know. It was actually a huge step for me to be with my boyfriend. I was literally having freak outs for a week when we first started dating and I thought about breaking up with him a couple of times. I didn't of course but it was on my mind literally everyday and it wasn't because I didn't like him but because the idea of a relationship was making me crazy.