In or out? Is she genuine?

So, I met a beautiful woman on a dating site. We've had 3 "dates" and slept together on the 2nd and 3rd. The last time she invited me to spend the night at her house and we cuddled and slept in her bed but we didn't have sex until the morning. We were supposed to spend the day together but she blew me off to meet someone else. And she lied about it (the story changed 3 times. I know when I'm being lied to). She's very closed off about talking about emotions and I'm the opposite. We're not exclusive but she is talking to, and possibly sleeping, with other guys. I would be too but generally don't have much luck connecting with women. She has legit reasons for hesitating with me. I'm unemployed and I don't drive. I feel like I can't talk about how I feel without scaring her off. After we hang out she won't text me for a few days. Well, she won't really talk with me, but she does respond to my text's. But after a few days things are fine. I've grown a lot personally in the last couple of years and wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone to try new things and break old habits. I'm definitely uncomfortable. I've spent a whole day having extreme anxiety about whether or not to tell her how I feel or I want more or to break things off or to take a step back and just accept that were fuck/cuddle buddies and I should be happy with that. But I can't stop wanting more, I can't stop falling for her. But in the past I've had a bad habit of jumping into relationships that fall apart after the infatuation is over and I'm trying to break that habit. I guess I'm asking whether I should keep pushing out of my comfort zone and try to become a new person or accept myself for the way I am; even if it means I make a lot of unhealthy decisions. And I'm not even sure if anyone but me can answer that question. I think I just needed to get it off my chest. But please offer your opinion... I want to know what others think. Why else would I be posting this?


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  • Well, I'm not sure whether or not you wanna wait around till it's been long enough for you to be able to safely ask her to stop sleeping with other guys. She seems a bit playful at the moment. She doesn't seem like she is ready for anything serious and it's not a good sign that she keeps lying to you. if she lies now, she'll probably do it while you two are in a relationship. You need to know whether you can trust her fully and judging by her actions, on and off talking, lying, sleeping with other guys... I'm not sure if it's worth the aggravation. You'll find the right woman soon. Sometimes, you gotta stop looking around and searching and just bathe in your surroundings. Sometimes, that is when things start to happen. You want a woman that fits your lifestyle. So, succumb to your lifestyle and just be you :) There's someone for everyone. Good luck.


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