Dating my ex boyfriends brother?

I know that sounds completely horrible. I don't agree with it at all I'm actually really against that. But I can't help my situation :/

So I dated this guy for about 2 years. I was with him, he wasn't with me. He cheated on me constantly and just treated me like shit. he has a younger brother, which is my age. When he got out of jail he showed up at a party I was at, I was drunk and we ended up talking and the we made out. me and him really hit it off though, I backed off because I hated the fact that they are brothers and I didn't feel right about it. But he was super nice and a really cool guy and we really liked each other. We hung out a lot with s group of people just as friends nothing more. Its been about 2 years since I've dated my ex. And now me and his brother started talking again.
I really like him but its just so weird to me.
Should I get over it and move on or is it not that bad to be talking to him? Please don't be rude about it :/

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  • Your ex boyfriend cheated on you and did not regard your feelings, so why should you? Go out with his brother if he treats you nice and you like him. If it's to get back at your ex then don't go pursue a relationship with his younger brother.


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  • Why are you dating these jail guys?

    • Everyone has a past, being in jail doesn't make someone a bad person. I don't judge

  • Go for it why not even if it's just for the sex


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