Why hasn't he called? Is he still interested? Or what's going on?

ok so I went on vacation to my home country (dominican Republic) this summer and finally got the chance to go on a date with this guy. I have gone previous years to the dominicn republic, and always heard rumors that he liked me. well this time again I heard rumors, he would stare at me, we engaged in little conversations, he was nice to me, but nothing really happened till the last day that I was there. when I went to a little market his family owns, he was there and I ask what time they were closing? he replied why? and I said cause I am leaving tonight and I need to return the item I borrowed from him. he said, are you serious. I replied yes. he then asked me if I could go out. I said yes but had to be home before 10 pm cause my flight was at 1:30 am . it was already 7:15pm. he said he was gonna close at 8:00pm . so I was like OK so at around 7:40 I returned to the market to return his item and I ask him if we still were going out. he said yes that he was coming to pick me up at my house I said OK. at around 8:30 he came we went out and talked about my family his family college life here in the US, about my time over there etc. we went to place call el munumento which is like a park and then there he insisted on what I wanted to ea tor drink , we decided to go for ice cream and everything went fine. on our way back to my house hi ask him that I wanted a picture, he said he didn't like pictures but that OK we could take pictures, we did and well when we got to my house I invited him if he wanted to come up and see the new house(my family constructed a new second floor house0 he said no that he was shy cause of my mother. I also ask him if he has msn or anyway to communicate (internet) he said that the only way to communicate was by phone so I got his cell number and he told to also write down his house number so I did. one week later I called (from here USA) cause one of my friends had the lovely idea to pick up my cell phone and texted him saying hi that she was friend and told him not to tell me that she texted him. when I got home and saw the messages I decided to call and we talk about how I was doing here and family and things like that he sounded really busy at the market so I ask him if he was busy he said yeah you know I am the only one at the market so I was like OK so real quick I just want to apologize for my friends text , he said it was not problem but he wanted to know why she didn't want him to tell me that she texted him . I replied by saying that she was crazy, he then ask me if the number I was calling from was my cell phone I said yes and he said good so now we can keep contact. I said yes if you want to. so now I haven't heard from him. its been a week, and I don't know what to do? is he not interested? but I don't get it cause he was the one who said we could keep contact. so my thinking is he should call me now, cause he has no excuse he has my number I called him he should have hints that I like him. wo?


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  • I advice some paragraphs next time ;)

    Well, the thing he might be so defensive could be the distance between your living places. It's not exactly like you being close neighbours ^^ There can be several reasons for him not calling, like he's stressed, he may not have any money on his phone if it's prepayd or he might just even don't have enough money at all. Maybe he's still trying to figure out if it can work out between the two of you, I have no idea an noone here can give you an answer to that.

    If you're interested in keeping things up - and to what level are you interested in? friendship? relationship? - then I'd suggest you just keep calling him. Call the next two or three times and keep it casual, ask him how his week was, if something interesting happened, etc...

    Then the next time you hang up go with something like "blablabla next I've got close to nothing to do, maybe you'll spare me some time and give me a call?" (just in better english *g*)

    If then he doesn't call, well, he either forgot it or chose not to do so, either way he's not THAT interested in you, then.


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