I broke with my ex 7 months ago and both of us currently are dating other people. We are "friends" now but I want her to like me again?

Alright so as I said I broke up with my ex a few months now (March 2014). We go to the same school, the same class to be exact. We talk everyday very friendly, have a laugh and generally are very cool with each other. I'm in a relationship for a week now with a girl that I really like and care about. She also has been in one for a week (talk about timing huh). As I said I'm more than happy with this girl I'm seeing and I DO NOT want to break up with her anytime soon. I just have this weird feeling these past few days. She (my ex) was my first relationship and I think I always remember her for that but especially since Me and her have been dating other people I have been thinking a lot about her. I'm not sure if I like her but I definitely have still feelings for her. (This will sound very selfish and arrogant but this is the only place I can say what I really think & want). Here it goes: I want to be with my current girlfriend for a long time because I really like her but slowly I want to start winning back my ex without of course doing anything with her as Im with the other girl. Is there a way that I can flirt with her and make her want me again without #1 making obvious that I want her to like me, #2 being obvious for others to see that i want her to like me, #3 ruining my relationship with the other girl? Also, i don't know personally the guy she is dating so I don't care about him breaking up with my ex etc (i know its a bit mean, im just honest). So to sum up: I want my ex to slowly start to like me again without ruining my relationship with my current gf. Is that even possible? If it is, i would appreciate it a ton if anyone could help me with this. Thank you for making it this far into my question and if I have spelling/grammar mistakes sorry im not from a English speaking country. I can use every piece of help I can get so Im open to anybody's opinion :) thanks again

  • Should I make it obvious that I want her back?
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  • Should I flirt with her casually and as a "friend"?
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  • Should I go down the friend rout and just wait for an opportunity?
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  • Should I just move on?
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  • Should I "wait" to break up with my current gf and see what I do then?
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  • If you are in a new relationship, like this girl, and want to stay with her, then why are you trying to "win back" your ex and make her like you again? Seriously, that's just inviting more drama into your life and it will only hurt the girl you're with now. If you still want to be with your ex then break up with your current girlfriend. If not, then stop and only focus on your girlfriend, not your ex.


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