Guy said he is shy.. what do I do?

this guy texts me everyday. he told me he is shy with me. I told him not to be that its only me. but he has gone quiet and im not sure what to do or if i did something wrong.

help i need advice..


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  • He could think he got friendzoned. He may have been trying to test waters and saying 'hey it's only me' is pretty friend like. I'm not saying go crazy with flirtation stuff but (and don't take this bad) women send really mixed signals in this day and age, so we have to careful and test water. There was a girl who texted me everyday for weeks said she loved when she seen me at work and how much I meant to her etc. Then when I asked her out she was all 'I'm sorry where did you get that idea' so if he's like me now he might just assumed it was a no go. Or he himself chickened out, it's impossible to know for sure.

  • keep talking to him, give him a chance. answer mine please.


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