Guys please help!!! How should I ask him if he is still interested?

Okay so I have been seeing this guy since late July. Things are moving slowly, which is fine.

He seems interested, well up until recently. He has said in the past (like a couple months ago) that he hopes I will be his gf someday. I responded saying I would like that a lot :) But he never really said anything more to that effect.

He says that seeing me is the best part of his week and that he looks forward to our weekend time together.

He usually replies to my messages, however sometimes he loses his phone or falls asleep (I get it, it happens).

But most recently he has flaked out on me a lot. I get it, people are busy. But I asked him 3 separate times and he never confirmed when we would see each other.

I asked him on Thursday if he was free on the weekend, he said yes. I asked if Saturday worked, he never responded. Then on Friday I asked again if Saturday was okay, no response.

Then I contacted him again on Saturday (by text), he said sorry I lost my phone. But then I asked if we could see each other that night, no response...

Then today I sent him another text, seeing how he was doing (he's renovating his house). He said good, and we kind of talked back and forth. Then I asked him what he was doing today. And no response...

So I'm now wondering if he is just simply not interested. I can certainly understand if he is busy. I get it. But can he not let me know what is going on?

Anyway, I talked to my friend and she suggested that I ask him straight up. Although I'm not too keen on having that conversation over texts.

I'd rather talk to him in person. So how should I approach this with him?

Thanks so much for your help!!

  • He's still interested, so I wouldn't bring it up at all
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  • He's possibly not interested, it's hard to tell so bring it up
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  • I'm not sure if he's interested or not
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  • He's interested, but you should definitely bring up this flakey behaviour and let him know it's not okay
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  • Him ignoring lots of your texts on separate occasions and basically avoiding meeting up with you suggests to me that he's just not that into you. In the beginning of the relations ship you should be in your honeymoon period not struggling to exchange texts on a weekly basis.

    I wouldn't completely write him off though, he may genuinely be a useless communicator when it comes to texting and just doesn't do it often. I would definitely meet up with him and just bring up that you haven't been in contact much recently and you're wondering if everything is running smoothly, which if he says it is and he's still into you, you make it clear that you want to be able to arrange a date without doubting whether he likes you or not anymore.

    Hope I helped :)

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