There is so much sexual tension between me and this guy?

We have known eachother for years and used to sext alot, he got married so I cut off from him completely.
Anyway, yesterday I bumped into him at a social event and he was helping out my uncle, he kept looking at me and smiling, brushing passed me on purpose and touching my hand..
Then he texted me later that day saying 'was nice seeing you today'

Was he hitting on me again?
I don't want to give into him because he is married, he is also a player, and I am no homewrecker.


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  • Yeah home wrecker status is a hard one to get rid of so it's best to avoid it. He may be tempted due to your past but you have to be the bigger person and shut it down before it gets there. You'll be happy you did in the end!


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