Should I give up and delete him from facebook, snapchat, and instagram?

I've been dating the same guy for about four months. I like him but it seems to be going nowhere. He ignores my texts and claims he is buys yet still finds time to be on Facebook and snapchats me. I'm number one on his snapchat friends list. I see this and it kind of plays with my mind. I'm really thinking of deleting him since this is going nowhere and it seems to be affecting negatively by seeing him on social media.


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  • You're dating him - how often do you guys hang out?
    How often do you talk?
    Does he ALWAYS ignore your texts - how often does he do that?

    If a man I'd been dating for 4 months starting ignoring me, I'd wonder what was up and just ask him.
    Maybe he's wanting a break. Maybe he's just chilling at that time. Whatever... point is, you should ask him what's up and go from there.

    • We were seeing each other every couple of weeks. We live about two hours away from another but I plan on moving to his location to a new job in a few months. I am starting to wonder. I've tried dating other guys but it seems I can't seem to get over him. I will and thanks for the advice!

    • Sure, good luck!
      And thanks for MH!

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  • I think you need to first talk to him. Find out why he is doing this and give him a chance to correct the behaviour.

    It's possible he has just already become complacent in the relationship (a bad sign).

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