Guy I'm dating showing mixed signals? WTF.. ):?

We been seeing each other about 3 weeks now and only this weekend we had sex. Background info: I just turned 23 and he'll be turning 22 at the end of the month.

He was kind of quiet sometimes on the first date. I actually wasn't so sure if he liked me until he dropped me off at my house and said "Wait, I want to give you a hug" before I got out of his car. We didn't kiss until the end of the second date. On the third date onwards to the 5th (last night) he didn't get out of his car to hug me like he normally did or initiate a kiss.

I'm not sure if he's just shy and I even told him (in a joking way) that he's the most timid guy I've dated and laughed while telling him that I like being bossed around sometimes.
When we kiss, it's never just straight to making out. It feels really good but he seems to like to close mouth kiss a little bit before the passionate kissing kicks in and I feel like I'm the one who has to start it. I'm not sure if he was just raised more conservatively... But I'll admit I'm sort of a sex fiend haha I'm really demanding in bed.

I don't know what to think. He always holds the door open for me, pays for me, and gives me his undivided attention. He also initiates texting quite often, more than other guys I've encountered.

When we cuddle he always really gentle and sweet...
just what bothers me sometimes is he says really weird things like

(randomly touches my arm) and points out a mole
comments on my hair is kind of thin
on first date he told me he gets bored easily and he doesn't make girls his gf to avoid drama

But when we're together he doesn't treat me like a fwb. he's really cuddly and kisses my cheek in the cutest way all the time when we're not regular kissing. And we waited just til now to sleep together.

I'm so confused on this behavior, it's like hot and cold.


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  • He is not interested. He is probably hoping that he will, but it is not happening. By the fifth date, both of you should be getting pretty randy unless you are both religious. I would end this before you get your feelings hurt. I can see that you do like him, and I am sorry about that.

    • Honestly the sex was amazing and I know I gave him awesome head for the first time last night. And I know this because every guy I date says so. He's just really shy and timid to touch me sometimes. conversation otherwise is great and we laugh so hard we're almost crying when we joke around. I just asked him why he's so shy and he just said he is at first. But I guess I'll take your advice and digress a little just in case.

    • Maybe it's me, but if the sex was that great (and who does not love a good BJ?), then you should be screwing like rabbits. I remember being 22, and my sex drive was prodigious.

    • Yeah I guess I'm the one who holds off all the time. It's cos I was really hurt by two guys within the last 3 months (complicated situation) and was trying to take it slow but I realize at this age if the chemistry is right then yeah... Also I had really low self esteem before and this is the hottest guy I've hooked up with and I get sort of nervous sometimes but he's obviously attracted to me, he's even told me that I probably have no idea how pretty I am... which is true.

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  • Its tough to read this kid but i feel that since he is younger to you he wants you to do everything and you mentioned that he does random things maybe cuz he gets to nervous/confused around you but its all with good intention to make you happy.

  • He might be a Virgin.

    • On second thoughts, he's not haha.

      He may have been hurt in his past and is slowly letting his guard down.

      He may have deep feelings for you and doesn't want to screw things up.

  • Sounds like he is a low testosterone hipster that was raised on soy milk ;-)


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