A guy with very few friends wants to find a girl to hang out with on the weekends?

I have a few friends and I did have one best friend, but he doesn't hang out with me anymore. Honestly I'd love to meet a girl and I'm starting to approach girls again. I tried online dating and that was a complete failure. I would talk to like 5 girls a week, but they all wasted my time and never wanted to go on a date. I've been feeling kind of lonely and just bored with life lately. Honestly I think it's cause I don't have a companion to hang out with and do things with on the weekend. Girls, would you mind a guy with very few friends? I don't even mean to hang out with all weekend I just want a girl to hang out with for a few hours on a Saturday or sunday. Except I don't have much of a social circle so it makes it nearly impossible to meet a girl.


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  • I think the right girl would love that. Less competition for your time :D