I need help!! What do I do? what's your opinion? what do you think is going on?

im dating this guy and its been like a week and a few days whatever but in the beginning wed text like 24/7 hed say cute things all the time hed blow up my phone if I fell asleep or wouldn't answer but lattley now he takes forever to respond I don't ever get a good morning or a goodnight text ad he can go like almost all day or night without talking to me he says he likes me a lot he's just busy I feel like he like me but he thinks now he has me in the palm of his hand and he doesn't have to try im trying to give him a chance and talk to him it help if hed actually answer tho (hes not the type to cheat so that's out of the question and im pre positive its not all about sex)


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  • Okay well if you're sure it's not all about sex then I would say he's still interested but some things are going on his life now which take priority and unfortunately for you that's come at a shit time because you should be in your honeymoon period!

    I'm also slightly leaning towards the fact that now he's got you he Feels he doesn't have to put the graft in anymore, in which case I would definitely pull him up on it! Just because he finally got you doesn't mean he doesn't still have to work!

    Also, forced communication is a major breaking point for relationships. People who feel like they need to text each other 24/7 usually end up becoming extremely paranoid the second their other half doesn't reply instantaneously. I would say it's better to have a long, meaningful conversation every few days then a short, pointless one every day.

    Hope I helped! :)

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