There's a boy. I've wanted to ask him out for a while but I've been busy with school / work. I have more time now , but how does one ask?

How do you ask someone out?

i just want to do something casual like a movie or museum or walk in the park.

thing is i see him at different times whenever we meet, so I'm not sure of his schedule.

i don't want him to say no just bc i chose a bad time.

if he's interested will he just tell me that its a bad time but I'm free this time?

how about if i said " blank, I'm free wednesdays 9 pm. Would you like to hang out?"

and if he says "yes" then we just arrange time / place to meet?

So how do i ask with the leafs amount of steps?



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  • "Hey I thought you were a stud do I wanted to know if you'd like to go somewhere with me this weekend. If you give me your # I we can set up a time and place."

    • i'm not freon the weekend. I'm free on wednesdays:)

      is ru necessary to use the phone. can't we just set it up in person? i dont do well with phones. its creepy bc you can't see the persons reaction. plods you have to wait and outs just sort of extra burden i think.

      i dont refuse, i just dont prefer it:) the phone...

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    • ohhh no. I've known him several months. we've been hanging out for a couple of months. i just didn't have a fay off before. :)

    • day*

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  • Yes, you got it. Offer choices. If he is interested he will be eager to find some open time.


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  • I say just call him n ask if he's free on a chosen date to see a movie cuz you'd like to go on a date with him to see that movie but is he's not interested your cool with just going as friends and you'll get your clear answer

    • oh good! movie is ok?

      bc its easiest. that way if I'm nervous i don't have to task. then by the time its over hopefully ill have relaxed, plus there will be something casual to talk about.

      i just thought you're not supposed to ask people to see movies as a date.

      is it ok if i do hit in person. its easier that way, for me anyhow.

      also i dont want him to feel obligated to go. i dont want to make it hard for him to say no if he just doesn't want to as friend or otherwise. i'd rather just ask if he wants to go, then let him decide if he wants to go as friends or more. i dont really carer either way i just want to try doing something alone.

      thanks for letting me know i cash just ask about the day and that its ok to see a movie:)

    • I'm glad I was of some help hope it works out