Dose she like me or not , I work with her please help :)?

i don't know if she dose but tested the waters and said a joke that in my opinion wasn't funny but she laughed then when she walked by me she smiled at me she didn't say a word, just smiled. so i smiled back. She has never never smiled at me for no reason. Also when i try to flirt with her she just smiles and looks down and shake her head


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  • I think it is because she knows what you are trying to do. She sees that you are trying hard to flirt with her. Don't get the two mistaken: whether she actually likes you, or whether she pity's you and is acknowledging your efforts. But if you feel as if your relationship with her can go farther then you should try. Be friends first, there's nothing that chases people away like trying to force a relationship on them. Just keep being you and see where you two end up. Start hanging out, outside of work. Get to know her better. Good luck

    • I dont know i have been working there for a year and she hasn't once smiled at me for no reason

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