Why does he do this knowing that it makes me uncomfortable?

I recently started seeing someone. He is friends with my ex. I don't mind if he invites him to hangout when we are having a party, but I ask him to not invite him when there is only a few people, it makes me uncomfortable because my ex acts like I don't exist. he doesn't seem to care and invites him anyways. Why? I just don't understand why he would want me to be uncomfortable when I've already told him...


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  • I'm not sure. Maybe your ex really is still into you and somehow convinced your current to allow him to tag along when you guys hang out? Not sure... Hmm... I think you should have a heart felt discussion with your current and tell him "Babe (baby, his name, your preference) I feel ignored because I asked you not to bring my ex with us when we hang out when there are just a few people. (Clarify how many a few is). It makes me feel uncomfortable when he is there with jut a few people because he doesn't aknawledge my existence and I feel left out because you always pay attention to him and nobody pays a lot of attention to me also because he won't speak to me. I have asked you before not to bring him around when there are (name a number) and less people with us but you do it anyways. So I feel ignored." I think he should listen to that because you aren't directly accusing him of ignoring you because you are using "I" statements and "I feel" statements.


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  • Well, i know lot people do that to their ex , he doesn't mean to he may be hurting

    • He currently has a gf. And has for over a year. I just don't get why he ignores me everytime we see each other. Could he possibly still have feelings even though he's dating? That's why I'm uncomfortable, because he ignores me.

    • Yeah he could still have feelings for you, not mean sound offensive
      he feels like shit cause deep down he's not happy with her he's holding
      a candle for you , it's hard for some guys even to go i know for me I'm
      the same way , no matter how many other girls i talked to i would still
      cry over my ex Crystal

    • It's hard for some guys to let go *

  • You're dating your ex's friend... yikes. Doesn't sound like they're friends at all, and sounds like you're a bitch

    • They're hardly friends. They rarely hang out and rarely talk. But when he is in town he likes to see him. I am not a bitch for asking him to not hang out with him while I'm around because he has plenty of time to see him while he's home.

    • Just sounds like you're in over your head... guys wouldn't do that to another guy, regardless

      You need a new guy, bitch

    • well... i honestly can't take your opinion seriously because you obviously have nothing better to do than call me names lol

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  • Honestly he may think you're making something out of nothing. Talk to him again and tell him once more that you feel uncomfortable and that you don't want to be in such a small group with your ex. I hang out with my best friend's ex all the time but I never hang out with them together because it makes her feel uncomfortable and that's the last thing I want. The best thing in any relationship is to talk and let him know your feelings. And if he still doesn't respect them then you need to evaluate the relationship.

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