Is it weird if I ask out my guy best friend? He's a shy type and his heart has been broken already?

Staring all the time
Always smiling at me
Long hugs
We're really close and we both understand each other


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  • As a friend... no problem... just a casual thing.
    on the other hand, if you want to lose a good friend, feel free to start dating him.
    Dating brings complications that friendships don't have. Dating brings in feelings...
    hate, is a feeling

    • Thank you, I will make it a friendly type of a date, just the two of us because we're always around other friends when we do hang out.

    • sounds perfect. believe me, a girl or guy is replaceable, but a friend is hard to find. also thanks for the vote.

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  • Do it, you sounds like a good match. don't want for another gal to grab him.


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