Friend messaged me on my online dating profile. Should I give it a shot at least?

A few years back we were in a college band together, going to concerts frequently with a mutual friend and hanging out at times. Problem is the last concert we went to I kinda abandoned her. Our mutual friend (who had invited both of us) bailed and she brought her then-boyfriend along with. After the PDA started I found other areas of the venue. I haven't really spoken to her much since, our mutual friend moved to india and we were never particularly close, just both a little too introverted.

She didn't say much, just mainly surprise at finding me on there and welcoming me back to the online dating scene (she'd seen my account and had evidently messaged me before I went on hiatus for a time).

It would seem she's no longer with her guy. I'm admittedly still upset with girls in general as one recently just stopped talking to me after 3 months of dating; no warnings that I could see, went from 25+ messages a day to nothing.

Would it be too weird if I messaged this girl over Match and tried to meet up to catch up?


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  • Nope not weird at all, just be causal, ask her how she's been, how's work/school and what's new in her life stuff like that. But don't lay on too think at first like asking extremely personal questions eg. if she's till with the guy, until you and her are communicating more and then you can ask if she's in a relationship if you are interested in dating her. Good luck!


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