Hot date to cook at home?

This girl I've only been a few dates on likes wine. So I thought it might be fun to make an Italian dish (I've made it before and good at it) together and drink wine, listen to music.

We could go to the store and get some cheeses, breads, etc. Afterwards, enjoy the cookings. My kitchen isn't awesome looking, but certainly gets the job done.

Thoughts? Great idea or do something like a fancy restaurant or a movie? This is my trying to impress her ;P



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  • A good meal is easy to do in a crappy kitchen. What you need to focus on is food that is spiced. You don't need to do anything with a lot of technical skill.

    Look at flavor combinations and pick one you're most comfortable with. Something easy to start of with would be poached lemon tilapia with a pesto cream sauce. The more you make it fresh, the better it will taste. I guarantee it.

    • I got this awesome Italian recipe that is great. Involves fresh tomatoes, paste, lots of spices... and an awesome salad. But my kitchen isn't the nicest (its not the worst at all). Not exactly a romantic place.

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    • oh that's way to much. It also depends on the relationship between you two. However if you know your recipe, just shop yourself. Shopping together is great if you're just winging it.

    • so just have the stuff in my kitchen? should I just invite her over for a movie first then do cooking?

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  • I like the first idea. Guys who cook are appealing to women.

    • likely be appealing to her and fun to do? We've only had 2 dates thus far...

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    • I don't know her well enough, but all girls are romantics. I've complimented her on our dates... I put my coat on her when it was cold outside... walked her home... and kissed her goodnight.

    • I think you should go with the cooking & wine :)

  • i love that idea!


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