What does he mean when he says 'I really like you' and that I dont need to worry about getting hurt?

This guy I've been dating for quite a but now told me he really likes me and I responded by saying that it's very sweet and he said is that all aren't you going to say you like me to and I said I do but I don't like to express myself and he asked why and I said that I'm afraid of being hurt and he said I shouldn't be... Do you think he's just saying that? He's always been really nice to me and been a complete gentleman but I'm still afraid of getting hurt


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  • He was most likely looking for affection, and when you did not give it in the way he was looking for he tried to convince you to. I doubt he was highly aware that he was doing that but we all tend to in small little ways. Usually when a guy sais that you do not have to be afraid is because they do not want to hurt you, and so you should not be afraid of getting hurt, now when a guy sais " don't be afraid" that's when you worry. Now what he was probably thinking after you responded, was to make you feel comfortable around him, which is definitely him being a gentlemen. I wouldn't read into it to much. GL


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