I need advice now please!!!

Okay, so I've been in love with this guy for about 8 months now. He dated his ex for 5 years, so it's understandable to be cautious about future happenings. But this is what our relationship consists of. We've had sex many times, and he's very affectionate every time I come over. But he barely texts me or talks to me outside of work.
So this is what happened. I said to myself "it's time to move on and get over him, so I started talking to another guy named Bob. I told vinny about bob and vinny told me to go for it. Little did I know that Vinny had been FINALLY wanting to try and be serious with me. But that just made him step back. I dropped Bob to see if Vinny wanted to try, and now he doesn't.
So, after I told Vinny I was done with Bob, Vinny asks me to go out to dinner for my birthday, but he's not calling it a date just "two friends going out for my birthday." But he's never been this thoughtful to me before. So what is he doing? what is he trying to prove here? HELP!!!


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  • Sounds to me like Vinny is a guy that doesn't know what he really wants. He doesn't want to be exclusive with you but he doesn't want to lose you, either.

    • so what do I do?

    • I know how frustrating this can be, but there isn't much you can do if im right about this - he has to see it on his own. Unless you give him an ultimatum, or you show him he can't have his cake and eat it too. Seems as if you may be making it too easy on him. He doesn't really have to make a choice right now cause he knows you will always be there. He knows how you feel so at this point the ball is solely in his court.

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