Dating someone but still really like my ex. Please help!?

Some SEVERAL months back I had chose the guy im with now over my ex. I dumped him. Now im still with my boyfriend and we have been together for 5 months now. Me and my ex are talking again but even before we started talking again i still liked him when I dumped him! I thought my boyfriend was a better choice (which he seems to be). They are both great guys, which makes things 10 times worse! My relationship with my boyfriend is great and i couldnt leave him after all we have gone through. My ex wants me back and wants to see me again. He is now messeging me everyday and even giving me names! How can I get over my ex? I really, REALLY like both of them. Should I stop all communication with my ex? Or just tell him I can't choose between them again? Please help me!


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  • Why is he your ex boyfriend in the first place? You are already cheating on your current boyfriend by talking with your ex and messaging him every day. This is totally disrespectful to your current boyfriend. You are making it more difficult by enjoying the contact with your ex. You should get out of your current relationship and be single for a while. You are only confused because you want to be not because the situation is confusing. My prediction, you will go back to your ex because he is actively pursuing you, break up with him again and then start all over again.

    • My ex is a friend so I dont think that would be cheating lol. And he is my ex because I chose my current boyfriend over him.

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