Whats your idea of a perfect date?

What is your idea of a perfect date?

I would have to say My perfect date would be the big movie/book cliche where we go to a carnival and just walk around talking to each other, play some games and ride the ferris wheel and kiss at the top ( I know its cheesy but thats my ideal date)

So whats you perfect date?


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  • My first date with my now boyfriend is probably the best I could imagine (though ironically I didn't think it was a date back then). Go to the beach, swim and chat, then go get takeout, take it up to a look out and watch the sunset. Romantic but casual, with lots of opportunity to talk and get to know eachother.

  • of course with the perfect guy! I live in the country and he's a hick. well a good one! and i would love to go to the tavern near my house it's very country and food is sooo good! and then we would go to a bonfire and id sit on his lap or we would stand and his arms would be wrapped around me and we would sway back and forth while listening to people play guitars my cousins do that at my cabin. then we would get in his truck and drive around listening to country music then park in the country and get in the bed of his truck with a pillow behind our heads and a blanket to snuggle in and cuddle while talking under a sky full of stars and kiss a little lol. hold hands and just cuddle!