Don't want to push it but I feel confused?

After a great night with a guy I'm seeing i sometimes feel confused about him , he texted me this morning we chatted and I brought up about the other night we had together , I just want him to tell me how good it was etc but nothing !! Just the same text about how I am is work fine , I asked him if he was ok and sometimes I'm always guessing how he is about things... I was meaning us , he just says I'm fine stop guessing I'm just tired x. It's so hard to get him to talk , unless he's pushed , oksy e nothing up but would be nice it he at least mentioned our night together or something !! What do I say or do? He's very reserved

Long distant thing and it's been a year
I feel in a way rejected


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  • Sorry to be honest, but I feel that this guy enjoys getting intimate with you but isn't really thinking of anything more at this point. Or if you two aren't exclusive, maybe he';s getting physical with other women too and finds them better, so he doesn't mention about that 'great night' with you.

    • He's the one who texts me all the time just says he finds it hard to show emotion I'm getting tired to be honest but don't know how to tell him

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    • Age doesn't really play a part here.

      Having said that, I too would be slightly hurt if I were in your situation. Just see how best you can handle it. You either have to accept him for what he is (that is, he can't show emotions in these matters) or look for someone else. There's no middle path here, unfortunately.

    • I do feel hurt , I'm a fun happy person I feel I can't get the real him out ! I'm very open , just don't know what to do

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  • Find someone that is open to communication. If they are in love with you they will love talking with you. If they don't love you, talking is a chore. They want sex and then want to be done until more sex. That is usually how it goes.


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  • Goodness would you take your foot off the gas for a minute. He's telling you all the time that he's fine and your pushing for something else. Take what he is giving you. You don't need any more validation from him about the night you had together. If you carry on like this, you will push him away. He clearly doesn't feel the need to talk about the night you had. I don't mean to be harsh but you're looking into it too deeply.