How soon is too soon asking? guys and relationships?

so right from the beginning we had this physical attraction he thought I was cute and I thought he was cute. he got my number and texted me out of no where we constantly stare at each other and just have that kind of smile where we know we got caught starring but that was the point. in a process of 2 weeks now and so we hung out he let me drive his car and he told me he likes me really interested in me and that although it's too soon it feels right surprisingly we think the same and have a lot in common both in college have a job and have goals that will benefit us in the future and he asked if I was up for it. is it too soon to become something?

  • too soon to date but it will work out the way it does.
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  • too soon you should wait a little longer
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  • too cliche it's right when it's right!
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  • It's not too soon, I say go for it if it feels right! What's the worst that could happen?


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