How do I gently hint to the guy I'm dating that he needs to use body spray?

I've only just started dating this really nice guy, but I can't bring myself to stand too close to him because he - ahem - smells. He showers everyday, but he still has body odour. He is really shy, nervous and sensitive so I don't want to make him draw back further into his shell by making a comment about it. At the same time, I really don't want to hug him or anything because of it. I know he has a blocked nose all the time, so obviously he can't smell it.

How can I gently hint that he should use deodorant? We have a mutual friend - I was thinking of maybe asking her to say something, without him knowing it's coming from me...


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  • That's sad. You can't ask your friend to do it as this is your problem between you and your boyfriend but I get the angle.

    I would say to him that you would like to speak to him about something personal and that it is coming from a good place. Tell him that you are really enjoying the relationship and want it to continue. However, please would you do this one thing for me? It's just that on occasion (don't say to him it's all the time) you don't smell as fresh as you usually do. You know I care about you and love you and this is why I am saying this.

    I would go along those lines because I doubt this will go away on it's own. Hope this helps.

    • Ok, thank you.
      I know you're right...
      I won't say the "I love you" bit because I don't know if I do love him yet, but I can say the rest of that truthfully :)

    • Good, I'm glad it helped. Especially if you like the guy and want to see if things can progress. Good luck.

    • Thanks :)
      I am hoping for a long-term relationship and love :)

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  • Just get a body spray, and do this

    Problem solved. :)

    • LOL I was hoping for a helpful reply

    • That is a very good idea, tell your other friend to tell him to get a deodorant. That is much safer.

    • Ok thanks, I'll consider it :)

  • Go to the store with him. Find the deo section. Find one you like and tell him you like how it smells. Either suggest that he should wear it because it you think it's sexy or subtly hint at a few you like so he'll either get it then because you like it, or get it later and see if you noticed what he did.

  • Showers everyday and still smells? Take a bath with him, scrub him down proper. If he still smells, buy him some spray you like and tell him to use it. Maybe he does not know how to shower right?

    • I forgot to include that he does have a health problem which I think is likely the cause of the smell.

  • buy him a that shower gel+body spray gift kit

  • Get some body spray that you like. Keep it near your bedside. When you were just talking after sex, take the spray and spray it on his hand and say, I bought this for you, do you like it. If he asks anything, just say "I was just shopping, it smelled good. So thot I could buy you one.

    • Um, well, it's not at that stage of the relationship yet

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    • Ouch. Gimme a day to thing. I suck at giving non-violent ideas.

    • think*

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