Guys, are you put off by a girl being too full on?

So you started texting and romance blossomed, you got into dating, etc. but then she wanted to take things to the next level really quickly and started advertising your situation to the world through FB and Instagram, etc. but you were a bit more cautious. You have been together about 2 months.

Would this scare you?
Would you be put off by her assumption that the relationship is really on and going somewhere?
Would it make you pull back and reconsider things?
Would it make you just call the whole thing off?


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  • IT all depends on how into her I am. It might start to turn me off if it was too much.

    • Ok, thanks. Would you be put off if she outed your relationship by posting photos on FB and Instagram and commenting on your photos with kissing emojis and that sort of thing? Basically making it very obvious that something was going on between you.

    • That's a little much, yeah.

    • Thanks. I agree.

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  • I am not really into that. I like my private life staying private. I would probably ask her to stop putting OUR business out there, and if she continues, it won't be the first time a break up has happened because of someone who displays everything on the internet/social media and has no respect for their partners wishes

  • No Not At All. But She better stay with me forever. Coz the only way she's gonna leave is then, is as a dead body :P :P

    • That would be a heinous crime.

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    • Ha ha. May be its just me. I'm just a confused little kid. :P

    • lol... i went half and half on this comment.. but i completely understand.

  • I like the enthusiasm when a girl is like that, as long as I feel the same way!

    Make sure you are certain where you both stand before pushing it further!


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