Dating a high social class man. Pls help?

So I met this guy last month when he was on holiday in my country. We had a date once, continue talking and do Skype regularly.. this guy was interested in me since the first time we met. By the time we talking, I started to like him. I consider my self as attractive with a nice personality. I knew that its the reason he wants to date me. He is way older than me and told me he is looking for something serious, not just a fling and we have discussed will pursue our relationship further. He invited me to come visit him in his country and willing to pay everything.

So i get to know him better and found out that he is a high social class man in his country with a hedonistic lifestyle. Whereas me is middle class and modest compared to his lifestyle. I am a type of girl who appreciate and happy with little things, not a glamorous life style like what he does. Normally I am a confident girl and happy with what I have. But this time, I feel like I don't fit in his society, i feel like he is just too high me for me.

What should I do? I don't want to telling him this stuff and make him think that I have a low self esteem. I just want him to like me the way I am.


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  • where does he live and where do you live? anyways, don't even think about his status. just see him for the man he is and someone to get to know as a potential life partner suitable for you. just get to know the human being in front of you, not what he's made of.

    • I live in southeast asia and he lives in Aussie. I know that we have a different culture and life style, anyway I still have a little bit lack of confidence.

    • go with your gut. and don't ever act out of impulsivity based off an assumption. rule of thumb.

    • You're right, thank you. I might just over analyzing. Phew

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  • Possibly he is looking to sell you into sex slavery. Guys who are just into themselves and travel much are looking for dumb attractive girls to sell.

    If his goal in life is a good time, when he is finished with you a lot of guys will just pass you around to their friends.

    I live in the US but have lived on the beaches of Rio where Europeans pick up women and move them back to Europe all day long because they do not need a visa to enter most of Europe and if you look this is where prostitution is legal but the girls have no work papers and become slaves and picked up by the worst race of men on the planet, the Russians.

    He is telling you, he is just into his pleasure. No woman will go with him if he told you the truth. If a visa is not required of him then you have no protection.

    • The visa requires his information alot, He sent me all the documents of him for the visa requirements such as copy of passport, payslip and property ownership, And I do know what he does for a living. Anyway thanks for the all information above.

  • He probably does like you the way you are. Relax a little and try to enjoy the glamour of it all (many girls only dream of that). worst case, tell him what you just told us.

    • do you think by telling him about this stuff won't turn him off?

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    • Thank you! makes me feel better :)

    • Im glad you do... that was not my intention though, my intention was to tell you the truth and clarify things lol :)

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