What men don't realize about women?

Something I realized a few days ago...

Here’s the thing that a lot of guys miss when trying to get women. In fact, if guys realized this fact, then half the questions on GAG wouldn’t exist and the website would shut down for lack of use. Here it is…

While women look for:
-looks (both face & body)

…these are not SUBSTITUTES for one another. Meaning that if you have an abundance in one area, and lack in another, you CANNOT substitute one for another.

So let’s say that a girl requires that a mate be at least 8/10 in the looks department, at least 5/10 in intelligence, and at least 7/10 in personality. If you are 5/10 in looks but 10/10 in intelligence, you cannot substitute your extra intelligence to make up for what you lack in looks. It doesn’t work that way.

There are so many questions on this site like:

“Women say they want a smart guy and I’m a pre-med student. Why can’t I get a girlfriend?”

“Women say I’m reaaaaaaaaaaaaally nice and have a great personality. Why can’t I get a girlfriend?"

"I’m an underwear model, so why can’t I keep women interested in me? I don’t get women.”

It’s because you’re lacking in one area and are hoping that the area that you are strongest in will cover for your weaker areas - but you can’t substitute like that.

Each woman has minimum requirements that she’s looking for regarding looks, intelligence, and personality in a mate – and if you don’t meet the minimum requirements in ALL of those areas, you will be screened out.

But these minimum requirements do differ from woman to woman. One woman may require that her mate be at least 7/10 in looks, at least 5/10 in intelligence, and at least 5/10 in personality. Another woman may require that her mate be at least 9/10 in looks, at least 3/10 in intelligence, and at least 4/10 in personality.

Also, a woman’s minimum requirements for looks, intelligence, and personality may change over time, given her availability of potential mates & level of impatience.
If a woman has minimum requirement that guys be at least 7/10 in intelligence – but she can’t find a guy with intelligence greater than 4/10 - then she’s going to change her standards (or die alone)...


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  • I actually disagree with this on some level for myself. I think that personality can make up for a lot in looks, while looks can't make up for jack shit in a shitty personality. I have dated people I wasn't necessarily attracted to because we really got along, but I have never dated a good looking guy with a bad personality (once I realized it was bad, of course)

    • I would argue that your minimum requirements would then be something like 3/10 for looks, 8/10 for personality, and probably at least 5/10 for intelligence.

      You still have a minimum requirement for looks, but your minimum requirement is much more relaxed than the minimum requirement that other women have. You probably still wouldn't date someone born with Harlequin-type ichthyosis regardless of how great their personality is.

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    • I disagree but okay. Lol

    • That's cool. Have a great night! :)

  • I think I can agree with you on this, broadly.

  • WOAH. I didn't even realize that about myself haha thank you! This helped me lol

  • Well done m8.


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  • Here's one:

    Women like sex as much as or more than men.

    So why aren't most men swimming in pussy? Because most men are desperate for sex. Because women have to deal with social shaming if their real sexual nature was public (and they get conditioned to this). And because you're just not her type, so move on damnit, haha.

    • too true - women are smart about it too - why do so many women, even those in relationships, specifically want a man to be their gynecologist? 10 mins and couple of lubed fingers later without the stigma or strings attached with picking up some random guy at the bar.

  • Doesn't this hold true for someone of either sex as long as they aren't desperate?

  • Bullseye! I didn't realise that this was new information for so many people, but after reading it through i realised there must be lots of guys out there who don't know this. it would explain so many of the questions.