Is there anyway to make a relationship official after a year and a half?

We've been together forever it seems. He says he loves me all the time. If he hasn't seen me in a week I get i miss you texts. We once tried being official but I got scared and pushed him away. We are still as close as we were then if not closer. We talk about everything but we aren't official. I'm basically his girlfriend but I want more. I don't want him to be able to see other people. I don't want to see other people. Is it possible to become official after this long or has that ship sailed and we are just in a position of attachment. He's also 2 years younger than me so should I be calling the shots? If I have the conversation with him I'm afraid he will leave.


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  • I think that since you rejected being official the first time the ball is in your court. Tell him you want another chance at being official. Dating women who are older than you is a sign of maturity in a man, my guess is that if you give him another chance he'll go for it.

    • Even if he's a senior in college and I graduated? That's not too much of an age gap?

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    • thanks you are amazing! I really appreciate the time you took to answer me. Do you have any suggestions on how to ask or present this to him? (My last question I promise!)

    • Haha, not a problem. I enjoy helping others. Yous should make an occasion to ask him in person as it would be more meaningful. Maybe you ask him on a date or bring it up the next time you two hang out. Keep it real with more one-on-one contact, avoid hashing out the details over text.

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  • yes there is a way, you need not but ask.

    • Any suggestions?

    • just tell him what you want and that it would make sense to pursue it. anything else is a waste of time.

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