Long distance relationships, please I need some tips everyone?

Im in a LDR since 1 month and its already hard. I knew we both would be busy with school and stuff but I miss him so much. I didn't knew it would be so hard. I don't want to annoy him by texting to much. Does any of you have some tips/advice? Im so afraid to lose him, every time he's online on whatsapp and not talking to me, Im afraid he's talking to other girls. Im so so afraid to lose him because I really love him. And Im waiting for him..


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  • I've been through a long-distance relationship, and all I can say is this -
    Some long distance relationships can help. But the ones where the distance isn't too much, like adjacent cities. And if they are temporary.
    For example, if your boyfriend lives in the city next to you, and will be back home in a few months, you can make it work.
    But in so many cases, people move far, far away with no idea of when they will be back. That's when it starts becoming problematic.
    I know you won't be ending it, but here's how you can feel better while being in it anyway -
    Occupy yourself. The only reason it bothers you that he isn't replying to you when he's online is that all you're actually doing is checking for when he gets online.
    Do something, hang out with friends, study if you have to. But don't always think about him.

    Secondly, he's the one who's moved away, so understand how much harder this is for him. It's a new place and you're the only link to the past he has. He's trying to figure out his new life, let him. Just let him know you'll be there for him at the end of the day.

    You're under 18 man, these relationships usually work for older couples who are mature enough to understand the circumstances. Trust me, LDR is no joke. And contrary to popular beliefs, it does not get easier as you go. It just gets tougher.

    Hold on for as long as you can, but when you think you can't anymore, know that it's fine to let go.

    • Can work* lol, help.

    • finally a good reply, at first I want to say thank you! thank you so so much for your good advice! well Im 17 but almost 18 and I really fell for this guy. But this time it is different. I've met him on my holiday so he lives in another country.. but I'll see him next summer again and after summer I'll do my internship for 5 months where he lives. And after my internship I want to study in Italy, where he lives so far we can say there could be a future. he's 22 by the way. I may be young but I never had those strong feelings, I just can't forget him or give up on him. I love him with all of my heart. He's on my mind 24/7.. But right now he's really busy with the university so he doesn't have much time for me which sucks.. But I miss him so much.. but I don't want to annoy him by my texts and my drama, he's stressed already.. Thanks again for your good advice and words! really needed it :)

    • DM me, I'll give you a loooooooooong reply lol. Long distance is my forte.

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  • If you have shared interests there won't really be any problem. I have a ldr and I do the same things with her that we would do even if we lived next door xD. Play video games, watch netflix etc.

  • You need to understand something LDR's don't work. One of you will inevitably wind up cheating on the other. If you can't stand that, stop the relationship now.


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