This guy is mad at me and is saying it's my fault?

here's what he said:
It's not that. First off I'm not settled with anyone. And we weren't either. You wouldn't go exclusive with me. Second off you told me we were drifting apart. 3rd you were always saying things that other guys did that I didn't do that made you happy. All those things sounded like you were trying to subtlety push me away from you without actually having to give me the "get lost" speech. Also, it was starting to pain me that I might not ever even get a chance to hang with you. I felt like I was being lead on. And I thought I was the most patient person I knew, but you ran my patience out. You will never get a true relationship with the way you approach them. You can't just be afraid forever or you will grow up to be a crazy cat lady

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What Guys Said 1

  • I voted "B" saying he's right IF you did say those thing. If so in what tone & context. What was your intent?
    Now communication is the key. Why didn't he speak up & say how he felt before it ate away at him & his patients wore out.

    • That's what I'm saying he didn't tell me how he felt but I guess telling him I need to think bout things while I'm talking to his best friend wasn't good idea..

What Girls Said 1

  • I would have to be Honest in saying he was Right in his own "Right" by being this Honest John and telling you how he felt in his heart with Where this so-called Relationship Wasn't really going. He kept the lines of communication wide open in laying it on the line, never failing nor failing in being sincere with his words, whether you wanted to hear them or not.
    He also sounds like he put a lot of concerted effort into what he really wanted as a Real Relationship with you. And being tried as much as any man could, he didn't think it was going to be worth anymore efforts unless you changed your behavior and outlook in this "Crazy cat" situation.
    He sounds like a keeper that I wouldn't mind having where he never put you on his pay no mind list by Ignoring you. Instead he was being totally frank with no prank when he poured his whole heart and mind and soul Out to you.
    Of course, the ball is in your court as how you want to "Receive" him now Or----Not.
    B is My answer for "Bold."
    Good luck. xx

    • So do I have a chance i don't know how to win him back yeah he woulda been a keeper

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    • Okay I'll try..

    • Sit down and have another talk, see what can be done while the wounds are fresh and no licking would be needed, just kissing and making up... xx

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