Take it slow or risk it?

Ok cut a long story short seeing a guy it's nothing serious he lives 2 hours away. We meet once a month because of work etc but we text everyday all day. Lately we talk about our past and because of this it's brought us closer are pasts are the same and wasn't good ! , the weekend end gone he stayed the night we chatted and it was lovely the next morning we kissed and hugged and said good bye he told me today he felt emotional that morning he left because everything we talked about and he's never been able to talk to anyone like he did about his past but because our pasts are the same it made it easier. I told him I hugged him bye because I don't usually and I've always regretted that he then said things feel different don't you think? I think he means we are closer which we are. My problem is that I have fallen for him I can't tell him because I'm not confident enough to. He even said he would love to live here... Meaning the town I live in. I do miss him so much , I've never been able to be so open with someone. It's funny how a like we are even he says this !! Do I take it slowly? And see what happens? Does this seem like he has feelings for me?


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  • It sounds like you guys are getting to know each other on a deeper level, you're trusting each other more, you're growing closer and feeling more connected.
    These are good things!
    Because he lives 2 hours away, it is more difficult.
    I think you guys should continue on this path... keep learning more about each other and let things grow organically, just as they are!
    How wonderful for you both, I'm happy for you!

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