Why did he add me on Facebook after he dumped me?

I was dating this guy for only two weeks, but after series of misunderstandings he stopped to contact me, However, today he added me on Facebook?

I don´t get why if he is done with me.


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  • keeping tabs on you, to see if you have someone new, or just to see if you become successful etc.

    one of my ex's friends still has me on facebook, probably just keeping tabs for her.

    • we are seeing each other almost every day at work. I don´t get this. if he stopped to call, respond my texts, it is just not logical that he wants to have me on fb

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    • probably didn't take the break up as a complete break up and wanted to keep you around.

    • in my case the whole thing was very complicated and I can understand why he chickened out, let me send you a private message

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  • He added for an ego boost. If he friend requested you he only did it to see if he could. Or he added you because he felt like it didn't matter whether he liked you or not

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