My boyfriend is talking to this girl I told him to stop talking to, what do I do?

I've asked him to stop talking to her, and he did for a little bit but now he's talking to her again and the girl has tried to get with him before


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  • There's nothing you can do. You're not his mother, you can't "tell" him who he can and cannot talk to. That's just trying to be controlling and no one likes a controlling partner. If him conversing with her bothers you, all you can do is tell him it bothers you and explain why, the rest is up to him. If he continues to talk to her, you can either accept it and get over it, or break up with him if it's something you won't tolerate.


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  • I knew you had to be under 18.. even before I looked. the definition of talking in your generation seems to have changed. Maybe he's just having a conversation with her... you don't know.
    BUT you did ask him to stop because you were uncomfortable... and he should have respected that. repeat the message to him again.. and if he still does it... drop him. there's another guy out there that respects your wishes and feelings.


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  • Break up with him if you can't trust him. It's not like he's your husband. You can leave the relationship any time you want. It's not worth it for you to get all stressed out about him cheating on you or not. If he respected the relationship, like he should, then he wouldn't talk to her out of respect and care for you.

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