How to deal with getting shot down by a girl?

So I went to community college for three years, and there was this girl named Paige that had a crush on me in high school (like pinch my cheeks and tell me how cute I was kind-of-crush), I was a bit turned-off at the time. But I ran into her at a college bar, she gave me a hug and told me how nice it was to see me since it's been quite a while. Anyway, I asked her out for coffee about 15 minutes ago, and she told me "I'm really sorry, but I'm dating someone right now." This heartbroken feeling really fucking sucks - I just feel like I'm alone in the Universe right now, it feels like I'm emotionally wounded more-than-anything.


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  • You just gotta reel in your line, rebait, and cast again. (Omg I can't even do that). I know it hurts and you feel terrible and your head is light and spinning, but you have to get over her... at least for now. She didn't really shoot you down, she is dating someone and seems loyal so she can't date you NOW but who knows, she might break it off with the guy eventually. Easier said than done but just live like she has a husband and try to move over her and on to someone else. Good luck man


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  • Ok look it's not an ender.
    Move on! Be healthy!
    she was just being honest rather than leading you on.
    Lots of other fish out there and you never know, she might come back looking for your hook. XD


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