Is it wrong if I stop texting him? Would it help?

I've been initiating all of our texts lately and I'm kind of tired of it. He's always nice and hasn't said he's lost interest... I don't want to come off as needy (because I'm not). I just hate that I'm the one initiating everything. Would it be hurtful if I just up and stopped initiating texts with him?

  • It might help if you stop texting him...
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  • Stop texting him and see what happens...
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  • Keep initiating or talk to him directly about whether or not he's lost interest...
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Oh. My parents are 8 years apart. Maybe thats why I didn't bat an eye


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  • im not answering the poll... my one question to determine if he thinks you are needy/you are needy... depends on it...
    How long have you known/contacted this guy?

    • 3 weeks? I didn't mean to come off as needy... I just got used to him texting me ALL the time... I was just trying to reply the way he did. If I didn't reply to a text he'd send me another like 10 mins later. He actually came off as the needy one... Then one day he just stopped altogether.

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    • waaaay off.

    • ah. yeah. I figured it's just whatever the two people are comfortable with... :)

  • Either you're overly invested and need to chill. Or you are just more interested than he is at this time. If you just stop texting you'll see what happens.


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  • Definitely just stop initiating for a few days. You know the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder". Just think of it when you get the urge to text him first. That's what I did when I was talking to my now boyfriend (: