How Do I Get Him To Chase Me Again?

So im going out with this guy that I really like, but after we started going out, he stopped chasing me. I didn't ask him about it and I gave him his space. We used to text every night but now its every once in a while. I'm really hoping he isn't losing interest in me already and I just need to know, How Do I Get Him To Chase Me Again?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • He's caught you, so why would he keep chasing? It just makes sense! Either get some competition for him, even if isn't serious, just so he knows you have options. Go out with him in public and be flirty with other guys. Show him what he has and that other guys would be happy to step in if he's not going to claim you!

    Or, just ignore him until he is ready to act less distant. This is pretty common with guys, though. I wouldn't take it personally. Bugging him about it or coming off as high maintenance or needy is not a good plan. He just needs a wake up call.


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What Guys Said 2

  • He probably feels like he already caught you and no longer needs to chase you but I feel like trying to get him to chase you is an accident waiting to happen try chasing him instead because he is hard for you to get now rather than the other way around.

    • I started chasing him but he has no response. What does that mean?

    • You might need to ask him if he is interested in you because it sounds like your relationship isn't going very far

  • Why should he "chase" your, whats wrong with chasing him?

    • I've started chasing but he doesn't seem to have any responce

What Girls Said 1

  • Theirs no way to get a guy to chase you , You might find a solution for a while. But it will soon wear off , Nothing good comes from manipulation. If he truly cares for you , He will always chase you because you're dear to his heart.