I really like him as I think I deserve him more than her?

This guy is in one of my classes and we always talk. But my friend has known him for 2 years and they have hooked up multiple times and go on dates but don't want anything too serious until they are through with school which is in about a year. They don't want anything serious because they don't want to be burdened with a significant other right now because of school which I think is stupid. I really like him and I just got to know him this year what should I do?
They are supposed to get together and be serious after schools over too. I don't think she deserves him. ):


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  • its been 7 years and the only girl that i ever loved i gave up so that she could be happy with someone else, it turned into long distance, and was a living hell to try to do things without her, we were each others first, but i knew things would end badly if we stayed together because we were both kids at the time taking things too serious. if you really like the guy, youl do whats best for him, even if it hurts you. also its for him to decide.

  • can't wait to see it turn into a cat fight


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