How to show your feelings to a friend?

she is a quiet nice girl who has not dated yet we have so much in common and we are great friends how do i make us more


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  • confess your feelings to her, thats the only way to take it to the next level. if u wanted you could ask her if she has feelings for anyone but you might not get a truthful answer. by putting yourself out there first she will be more likely to open up to you if she feels the same way.

    • do you have her phone number?

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    • text her something now and give her a hint. then tomorrow own up to it. give her time to prepare herself.

    • yea will do, thanks

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  • Just talk to her more. Since you're already great friends it'll be easy. Mention how pretty think she is, or how much you love spending time with her. If the feelings are the same she'll comment something back in the same way.

  • well if you want to show your feelings you have to compliment her let her know she's beautiful and make her smile then when the time comes tell her how you feel

    • my last message was "you looked really beautiful today x" is that on the right lines lol

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