How do you know when it's time to end a relationship?

When no one is cheating, no abuse, no major fights.


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  • Why do you want to end it then? He doesn't make you feel happy and appreciated? You don't have to compare your relationship with what it was (probably when it started off) to what it is now, worse still comparing with others in a relationship. If you are bored, do things differently, go to different dates and talk more about the things that aren't already out in the open. Having a faithful compatible partner is what people usually seek, so I would say don't end it unless you feel like the love is lost. :)

    • I've been with him for over a year and a half, things are pretty good, I'm just not sure he's it.

    • He's not into it? why don't you ask him directly if there is something bothering him? If you both feel like it is not worth the effort and there is no love in this relationship anymore, you could separate. But don't let any misunderstanding take you there.

    • No not that he's not into it, like long term he's just not the one

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