What is the rule of contact after the first date?

We met through friends over the weekend. We made out a lot. Then last night he took me for dinner and mentioned a future date that "in the future he wants to take me to x restaurant" and a few other similar references. I also met his roomies.

After the date he said can I call you. I said yes and thank you for the date.

An hour after the date he texted me. We were joking around a lot. I told him I had fun he said "same here" and after a while I wanted to go to sleep. I said it was nice talking to you I am falling asleep sweet dreams. He said you too have a great night.

It's good he texted me right after the date but he didn't text me today. Should I be worried?


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  • The problem with some people today is they feel the need for a connection ASAP. The whole " wait one day" hard to get rule and all these other rules are just plain stupid and games I for one are not willing to play. If a girl I dated me and didn't text me. Depending on my mood I'd texted her first. If she don't respond, move on and complete my day like she never existed. Don't dwell on someone else who's not texting bk. in your case tx first, wait for response, even if it takes a day to reply, let the guy breath and your life will be okay. If not you'll create a tornado of confusion and your letting him know you really don't have much to do in your life.

    • I responded to him and I would again if he contacted me.

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    • You think I should text him?

    • Yes, please do. Why? Communication.

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  • No rules.
    Ask him out on another date if you like him.

  • No. He's probably nervous or confused on what to say. Text him, I'm sure it'll ease things. And just be yourself, forget that rule bs.


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