How much is too much texting after a date?

We met at an event then went on a date. He texted me right after. We had a great time before and during the date and have a lot of jokes. I answered his text after the date pretty fast. Then we were texting joking and chatting back and forth all night. I took longer to reply between texts cause I got busy. Then I said good night to him.

Did I mess up? Should I have waited longer to answer or let him end the convo?


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  • Lol, did you just ask a similar, less grammatically correct question? No you didn't mess up. Guys don't think like that. Most guys. Only girls do. Most girls.

  • When your text convo turnz into a potential text phone call conversation. When you're talkin bout your favorite color or some ish call that homie. If you're talkin about the next time you want to date or hang out text him. Phone calls are always better with normal interesting conversations.


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