Hanging out with other men while in a committed relationship?

So a question for you all... while in a relationship where do you draw the line for what you can do with members of the opposite sex? Gonna ask afew questions and I want to know if people would be ok with their partner doing this/their opinion on these situations.

1) her talking to a guy she slept with prior to our relationship... he still has feelings for her but she has never had feelings for him. He continues to ask her out and she continues to deny him but for some reason never mentioned to him that she was in a relationship?

2) a random guy from work that she has known for over 2 years... while he has never made any moves he is now out of nowhere asking her to do things with him outside of work? I am not sure if this guy knows she has a bf

3) another random guy from work that she has known for awhile. Everyone knows he has the hots for her and he knows she has a bf... she has told him herself. He asked her to go to a movie with him as friends and she said yes... normal or something to be worried about?


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  • 1) This seems suspicious... He SHOULD know that she is in a relationship.

    2) At this point, you shouldn't be too nosey or else she'll get pissed. Let this one go for now, but if they seem to be getting too close, you should talk to her about it and just say, "Look, I feel like you're getting to close with that guy..." Don't worry, she won't get mad by you saying this because many girls like it when their man gets jealous ;)

    3) She said yes... Um... This may be problematic. She shouldn't have said yes... You should confront her about this one.

    Good luck!


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