What are the chances a date won't happen if you ask her out and tell her you won't be around for the next month and she says to let her know?

When you're back. What are the chances she'll forget or meet someone else or lose interest?

  • Very high, don't bother letting her know
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  • Hard to say, let her know though
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  • Very low, let her know when you're back
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  • Hard to say, don't bother letting her know
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  • if u do not contact her and if she still knows then there can be 2 possibilities -
    1. if she really likes u then she will get anxious but she will wait and not exactly forget u but not be happy with u too in the sense that she will be mad at u.
    2. if u noticed that she was very casual n confident on that date then MAYBE she is not into u that much, she would remember u but date other guys as well.


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  • If she's genuinely attracted to you, she will build up nervous anticipation over the next month, and be really happy to hear from you when you contact her.

    • What if I don't contact her?

    • Then she will be disappointed that you either forgot her or have changed your mind.

  • depends if she likes you too and how much.. if you ask her out she says yes and is willing to wait then she is really into you.. but if you are not very sure do C:)

    • What if I don't contact her?

    • what do you mean dont contact her? if you dont show your interest then she will be dissapointed :)

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