Is he genuine or just playing?

I met a guy 4 months ago on a night out.. we really hit off and spent hours of the night just talking. Exchanged numbers and stayed in touch..
A month later I visited the city to organize moving there, he took me out on a date, we talked (we enjoy discussing the same issues/things/topics) , had a few drinks, went bowling, then he spent the night where I was staying. We didn't have sex but we kissed.
Again I had to go the next day back to being interstate. But we still stayed in touch for a bit then it died off.
I moved to the same city, and after about 2-3 months of living there we got in touch again and we met up for a 'catch up drink'.
At the door of the bar the bouncer asked if we were on our 1st/2nd/3rd etc date.. the guy replied it was our 2nd date.. so I presume that's what it was.

So we had a few drinks, caught up on what's been happening in each others lives, there was silence but not awkward or uncomfortable, we kissed.. he complimented me and said how he liked I wasn't fake, we shared a few jokes and a little banter. Then we went back to mine, we didn't have sex, he was very affectionate though.
The next morning he didn't leave straight away like I thought he would, he stayed at my place all day, and I mean all day, he left at 3.30pm.. we just layed in bed, talked about a topic that really interests us both, he was extremely affectionate, as in he was stroking his fingers over my body, rolled on his side looking at me, he cuddled me, he layed ontop of me, it was really quite cute.
He's supposed to send me an email this week of interesting reads and videos I might like that he's read/watched.

But from what I've said do you think its possible he likes me? I really like him, it feels so natural to be with him, he talks about what I love talking about and he's the first guy I'vegotten butterflies from he's just hard to read

To be fair for the lack of staying in touch he is very career orientated


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  • Well... I understand you hit it off well, but the "second date" is awfully soon for him to be being this intimate with you. I'm glad nothing sexual happened, but I would certainly be wary of him. Guys are stereotyped to want to move to physical things rather quickly. Keep him at arm's length and see how he is in private without that physical intimacy. If he respects you, he won't try and force anything.


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