A guy texts me everyday for awhile now. Does it mean anything?

I'm an Asian and I've been texting with this white guy everyday for a few weeks now. I met him online, so we've never actually met in person.

He always texts me first with a 'hey / how are you' and he doesn't say anything else (which seems a little strange to me). Our conversation is always short. Normally ends up after we both know how our day was.

At first I thought he would find the whole thing dull and boring, and I thought he would just stop texting me. Yet, he keeps texting me. Do you think he's shy?

I'm a shy person and I've never been texting (everyday) with a white guy before. Should I initiate a longer conversation or should I let him do so?

Also, I'm not sure why he texts me everyday even though our conversation is plain and kinda boring. He's a cool guy. I'm pretty sure he's not a freak or whatever, but I'm just not sure why. Does it mean that we're kinda... dating?


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  • he's shy and keeps on giving it a go, probably trying to work up the courage to ask something or steer the conversation into a direction he wants. try building more momentum and keep it going if you're interested. he will pick up on you.


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