Conversation after sex?

Hey all! So I met this guy 3 weeks ago and conversation has been amazing! We finally went on our first date after 2 1/2 weeks of talking and we had an amazing time. Friendly conversation, hit it off and he knows i'm not the type to put out on the first date. We did kiss and didn't have sex but our second date which was 3 days later did lead to it. He asked me if he could (very respectful) and I said no, then I realized that we have this amazing connection so I'm like why not and we did it. Now his texts are okay. He doesn't text as much though he does apologize if he can't text back right away because of work. Should I bring it to his attention? Should I move on? Is he still interested?

Thanks all for your help!

Oh! our texts also still have substance, we still joke around and he does want to hang out with me.
I haven't been in a relationship in 2 years and I told him that I hardly do this ever. He's the 4 person I have ever slept with and the first guy who I didn't have a relationship to do this with but he's someone I want to be with.


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  • he probably doesn´t want to suffocate you with his attention. just keep dating and wait for what is coming.

    • did it work out? ^^

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