She's fallen but he doesn't want anything serious so?

I am trying to help a girlfriend who has gone into a relationship with a guy who claims that he has always fancied her but they had never been available til now. They've been together about 6 weeks now. She is divorced and has 3 small children. He doesn't have any of that history.

However, they live a distance apart and he drives down to see her about 2 times a week and already she questions his whereabouts on occasions. She wants him to spend time with her at Christmas and to attend family occasions.

Now, his friends say that he doesn't want to hurt her and is cautious about getting into anything too serious. Note his friends and not him. He does have a rep as a playboy, he's young, good looking and wealthy. She believes she can tame his wild ways.

Guys, what do you think? Am I being an interfering friend or should I try and open her eyes a bit more?


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  • She is being nicely played. I don't see any future.
    Moving on is the best solution.

    • Thanks. He is really charming and she loves the attention. We can all see it. I think I'm gonna just let her learn her lessons here though.

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    • Well she has already stated that she wants to get married to him and have children. He is silent on the whole matter.

    • She will be facing harsh reality in coming days.
      But who knows... he may agree to marry her? But the chances are 1%.

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  • Your friend should move on

    • Thank you. I agree. I don't think he's ready for anything hot & heavy but I just wish she would see it and put on the brakes. I feel helpless watching her and listening to her about him.

    • Suggest it to her - if she doesn't agree leave it - because you've done your job as a friend if she wants to get hurt then its her fault. At least she won't accuse you of silly stuff like being jealous of her